We have developed our partnership program in line with the core principles that underpin our business – maximum opportunities for free trading activity for each of our partners.

Our company offers you a wide range of opportunities for making money on the FOREX market and other markets. This gives you the foundation to live your life at your own pace; freedom of choice in trading ensures freedom of choice in other areas of your life. However, you can earn even more by becoming one of our partners. We offer easy and highly competitive conditions so that you can organize both your work and your leisure time to suit you!

Expand your revenues while offering your clients the best service and trading conditions available on the market. We offer the following partnership options:

1. Agent: simple and profitable

Every our client can easily become a partner and receive commissions for clients trading. Recommend people to use our brokerage services and give them your agent link for registration. All clients who come to our site via this link will be your clients and you will get commissions for their trading.

Terms & Conditions*:

The commission is 0.3 pips for currency pairs and 0.004% for other trading instruments;
The commission for MT4.ECN. accounts are 25% of the commission paid by clients;
The commission is paid for MT4.FIX., MT4.VAR. and MT4.ECN accounts ONLY;
The commission is not paid for the deals with a profit/loss less than 3 pips for EUR/USD or less than 4 pips for other major currency pairs or less than 40 pips for other instruments;
The commission is calculated and paid for all closed deals on a daily basis;
The commission is credited to a partner purse and can be withdrawn using any payment option available after the partner introduces minimum 3 actively trading clients.

How to get started:

Open a Real account
Verify your account
Go to Private office and press “Become a partner” button
You will get your Partner code
You can use this code in personal web-links anywhere you want (on your website, on forums, ads, brochures, etc.)
Traders who come to our website through these links will AUTOMATICALLY become your clients – you will get commissions from their deals

NOTE: Churning is strictly prohibited. Liquidity Pro reserves the right to treat the partner’s activity as churning without ANY explanation. In such cases, the partner’s ID and the referral link are blocked and the whole commission is cancelled.

2. Introducing Broker: long-term work together for mutual benefit

If you have extensive trading experience and a client base or if you teach trading, you can become our Introducing Broker. In this case, your commission will be higher, you will work under individual, tailor-made conditions, and we will support you in your work by all possible means. To acquire our Introducing Broker status, you will also need to register in Private Office and send your request to

3. White Label: your own brand, our reliable and time-proven business model

Our most active, confident and ambitious clients can apply for White Label status. This will allow you to work under your own brand with our cutting-edge products and reliable business model. If you are interested in this partnership option, please email your request to

Each partner is unique and valuable to us. We strive to satisfy everyone’s needs of so that our clients are able to trade freely, earn freely and live freely.

* Notes:

Liquidity Pro reserves the right to change or modify the partnership rules, stop the program or any of its parts anytime without prior notification
Any arguable situation not listed in these rules will be the subject to the decision of Liquidity Pro. Any decision taken by Liquidity pro will be considered final and mandatory for all the parties
Liquidity Pro reserves the right to decline partner’s application without explaining the reason
Liquidity Pro reserves the right to cancel partner’s commission without explaining the reason
Liquidity Pro reserves the right to block partner’s ID and referral link without explaining the reason
The English version of these rules should be considered prevailing over any other language versions
Use of Google Adwords or any other browser ads using your affiliate link is strictly prohibited